Hey lover!

Life is complicated and frustrating and wonderful; there are so many varied pains and joys in our lives that we sometimes feel quite lonely in our feelings and struggles. It's very normal-- very human-- to feel as if we're alone and uniquely faulted.

Poetry can remind us of how we're never alone, whether in our lows or highs. There's always a poem to accompany and remind you that you're just as human and whole as everyone else. You are loved and worthy-- and poetry is the proof.

LoveNote is dedicated to spreading this role of poetry; love for yourself and others is cultivated through discovering what we have in common. Thus, the "Love" in LoveNote (and the "Note" refers to the conciseness and accessibility of our poetry). 

You're never alone, no matter how you're feeling. Let us show you how.

- Joann Zhang, LoveNote creator

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