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By Joann Zhang

Carry it like a sprain

or a missing limb; absence

like an accusation.

I could fly in the lightness--

God, how could I live 

down cast iron clad, trapped

in panes, glowing squares

like a glimpse or a cell.

Look at the spliced branches

beneath the window, full of buds 

and raucous life.

Carry it like your newborn,

it is still your soul and joy.


WE Love

The Last Time I saw Amelia Earhart

(Persea Books, $15.95)

Calvocoressi's debut collection, ever more relevant as America seems to outgrow small-town America, is both grounded and haunting. Calvocoressi's collection is a phoropter offering visions blurred and unyieldingly sharp, and is a must-read.

"The river lies still as an infant // in formaldehyde // schools of harried shad shuddering

"Circus Fire, 1944"

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